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1) Best Telco (Singapore)*

2) Best Fibre Broadband Service (Singapore)*

3) Best PC Components Retailer (Singapore)*

4) Best Consumer Electronics Chain Store (Singapore)*

5) Best Electronics Shopping Portal (Singapore)*

6) Best Pay TV Service (Singapore)*

7) Best CPU Brand*

8) Best Gaming Graphics Processor Brand*

9) Best Graphics Card Brand*

10) Best Motherboard Brand*

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11) Best PC Memory Brand*

12) Best SSD Brand*

13) Best External HDD Brand*

14) Best Removable Flash Storage Brand*
(USB flash drives, thumb drives, flash memory cards like SD, CF, etc.)

15) Best NAS Brand*

16) Best Gaming Monitor Brand*

17) Best Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Brand*

18) Best Business Notebook Brand*

19) Best 2-in-1 Notebook Brand*
Convertible notebooks that double up as both notebook and tablet devices

20) Best Gaming Notebook Brand*

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21) Best Gaming Desktop PC Brand*

22) Best Tablet Brand*

23) Best Smartwatch Brand*

24) Best Activity Tracker Brand*

25) Best In-Ear Earphones Brand*

26) Best Headphones Brand*

27) Best TV Brand*

28) Best Mainstream Smartphone Brand*

29) Best Premium Smartphone Brand*

30) Best Compact Camera Brand*

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31) Best Interchangeable Lens Camera Brand*

32) Best Inkjet Printer Brand*

33) Best Laser / LED Printer Brand*

34) Best Business Projector Brand*

35) Best Home Theater Projector Brand*

36) Best Wireless Networking Brand*

37) Best Wireless Speakers Brand*

38) Best Home Theater System Brand*

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39) Best Gaming Console Brand*

40) Best Gaming Publisher*
(For your convenience, we’ve listed popular game titles that represent each pubisher)

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