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Tech Awards 2021 Video Highlights

With nearly 100 products tested by the editorial team to qualify for the Editor’s Choice segment and collating the results from thousands of voters from our Readers’ Choice segment,  this year’s awards consist of a total of 65 categories. To present all this in a brand new format, the editors got together with radio personality, The Flying Dutchman, to discuss and share some of the interesting wins and highlights from the HWM+HardwareZone Tech Awards 2021.

For the full list of winners and detailed outcome, we have them listed here.

About The Tech Awards

This year marks the 12th annual HWM+HardwareZone.com Tech Awards, where we recognize the best tech brands, products and services.

Tech Awards consists of two segments, Readers’ Choice voting to determine the best brands from readers of HWM and HardawareZone, while the Editor’s Choice segment identifies best tech products as tested by the review team.

For the 2021 edition, we have a total of 42 Readers' Choice categories spread across four major sectors: Computing, Consumer Electronics, Communications & Services, and Gaming. Meanwhile, 23 Editor’s Choice categories involving 99 products were tested to determine the best tech gadgets for every need across Home, Work, Mobile and Gaming sectors.

For the full list of winners and detailed outcome, we have them listed here.